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-Steph,   JULY 2016
I have bought beef from Stone Wall Angus for a very long time.  From the steaks, roasts and hamburger my family has eaten it all and we love it.  I will say that the hamburger is by far the best, when I brown it I have half the grease compared to grocery store bought beef. 
We have been ordering beef from Stone Wall Angus for the last 5 years.  We LOVE our meat.  The most ringing endorsement I've ever heard was from my 11 year old son Cole.  I had gotten 'other" meat and made burgers with it.  He says to me, " Mom, whats wrong with these hamburgers?" I said, " I don't know son why? He says they taste like crap....I say well its not Jim's meat.  Needless to say we don't buy "other" meat anymore.  
-Esther,   June 2016
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